About  Money, Murder, Love, & Freedom:


Their love was new and fresh, and they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. He was her dream man and she was the apple of his eye. He was going to make her his own – protect her, love her, cherish her…and possibly kill her? Successful attorney, Brian Hughes, finally asked his high school sweetheart, Flora Greenway, to marry him and to the outside world, it seemed like fairytale relationship – one made of romance, luxury and power. It really was a fairytale, until it turned into a horror trip, for Flora. Her soon to be husband was turning into a greedy, controlling, power-hungry killer who had only three things on his mind – money, power and control. Flora finally found the courage to flee from her manipulative abuser, but was it too late? He already killed a man in his search for the woman that he called, “His property,” How many more would have to die?” “I will get her back – she belongs to me! I will find her and teach her a lesson, teach her who the boss is!” I will make her pay for embarrassing me…”

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Money, Murder, Love, & Freedom:


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About Coloring The Soul With Hope:


This is some very powerful, soul shaking poetry, written by one woman who has had a horrendous life of change! She, like many others, to be sure, has had to deal with many earth shattering events that have all taken place in a very short period of time. She has been through, "The Dark Night of the Soul," but did she crack underneath the strain and pressure? No, she's moving forward, and designing a life that she loves! Read her poetry and feel her essence, sadness, her strength, her healing and her success!

This book of poetry is not like the others. This book goes deep to touch the lives of others who might be going through the same situations. It shows that, yes, sometimes we must go through the darkness, but at the same time, it also shows us that there is definitely a flame that burns bright to help us through all and come out even stronger than we ever may have been before. Many people need this book, for strength, comfort and peace of mind. I've been told that it's almost better than therapy!

The literature in this book is easy to identify with because it deals with everyday situations that can sometimes cut very deep, or even worse, debilitate a persons desire to move forward and overcome diverse themes such as: losing a loved one, being bullied or oppressed, divorce, break ups, loss of hope, loss of freedom, and loss of job.

My poetry and musings are heartfelt messages infused with optimism, strength and inspiration to encourage you to release your disappointments, absolve the anger in your heart and move forward in the most positive way.


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Coloring the Soul With Hope:


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