3 Card Tarot Reading

Present, Near future, Long-term future information...

I will do a 3 Card Tarot Reading for you which will let you know about the present, near future and long term future.  My readings cover from the present until 6 months out. 


You can request that I do your reading through email, or we can speak with each other on WhatsApp messages. 


Please send me a message on my CONTACT page, letting me know which you prefer.   Thank you and I look forward to helping you.

These Spell candles are made during the appropriate moon phase to give them extra power, which will help you to bring to you or send away from you, that which you truly desire. When we make these candles, we imbue every one of them with the power, energy, and success to help you fulfill your truest desires.

10,50 €

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