Information & Application

You must be 18 years old or the age your country deems you responsible for yourself to apply to be a student. Anyone under such age will have to have a parent or guardian write to us from their own email address after they have read the Alpha-Witchcraft© application.

If you are 18 or older, please send in your Alpha-Witchcraft© application, which must be completely filled out before consideration of acceptance.

If you are under 18 years of age – The named parent or guardian is asked to first read the Alpha-Witchcraft© application and if questions or concerns arise, regarding The Craft, The Bronze Witch Creatress, Henry Smithy, or any of the other Alpha-Witchcraft© Elders, we ask that your parent or guardian write to us directly from their own email address so that we may discuss these areas of concern together before we review your application for admittance into our AWIT© Courses. Our email address is:

In order for us to understand a little about you before we make a decision to accept you to become an Alpha Witch in training (AWIT©), the following, short application  needs to be completely filled out, dated and returned to us in a timely manner:

1.      What made you decide to explore your, “Witchieness?”

2.      How long have you been interested in Witchcraft?

3.      How old are you?

4.      In which state or country do you live?

5.      Have you ever been a member of any Magickal, Witchcraft, or Esoteric      structure before?  If yes, when, and how long?

6.      Why do you desire to start your AWIT© training?

7.      Why have you chosen Alpha-Witchcraft© to learn Witchcraft?


Please email your AWIT© application and any questions you may have, to us at: After review of your application, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the reason why your application might have been declined, or to welcome you to our Alpha-Witchcraft© family.

Good luck, and Blessed Be!


The Bronze Witch Creatress & Henry Smithy,                                               founders of Alpha-Witchcraft©