Charming Magick Rituals

Powerful Magick...Performed by me personally, for you.

Each of these powerful Magickal Rituals are prepared and performed by me personally.  I will imbue your Ritual with 17 years worth of knowledge and Power.  I normally perform them during the appropriate Moon Phase, but if you have an emergency, I will go ahead and get the Ritual done as quickly as I possibly can.  However, I will make sure to do a thorough job, and if you would like, I can send you an "end" photo (no extra charge), of the work that I did for you.

These Spell candles are made during the appropriate moon phase to give them extra power, which will help you to bring to you or send away from you, that which you truly desire. When we make these candles, we imbue every one of them with the power, energy, and success to help you fulfill your truest desires.

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