Free-form, Block-Buster Spell Candles

Time to remove that which is blocking you from attaining your desires.  This Free-form, Block-Buster Spell Candle is heavy-duty-Magick.  I only recommend this one to those of you who truly know what you want out of life because this one can help put you on the fast-track to you achieving what you want!  When using this particular Spell Candle, CAUTION!!!...PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU ASK FOR, as things have a way of manifesting quite rapidly in some cases with the use of this candle!

These Spell candles are made during the appropriate moon phase to give them extra power, which will help you to bring to you or send away from you, that which you truly desire. When we make these candles, we imbue every one of them with the power, energy, and success to help you fulfill your truest desires.

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