Window to the other world

Hag-Stones are very special. They are full of strong magick and good luck.  The holes in the stones are made by Mother Nature and these stones are very special.  Most people use them for protection, but I have found that they can be used for numerous other desires.  When you get yours, be sure to run it under cool water, dry it with a soft, clean cloth and then make sure to hold it in your hand and blow on it, as this will endear it to you and help you to achieve your desires and dreams much quicker than normal.


With these Hag-stones, it's first come, first serve.   We don't have many of these because we go to the seashores of England to get them.   You are more than welcome to put your order in for one for the next time we go to England.  

These Spell candles are made during the appropriate moon phase to give them extra power, which will help you to bring to you or send away from you, that which you truly desire. When we make these candles, we imbue every one of them with the power, energy, and success to help you fulfill your truest desires.

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